Art Compilation

I know you’ve missed these posts… No? Oh… Oh well, here is my latest bunch of artwork I have completed within these past few weeks. It’s a medley of fanart, illustration and just basic traditional work.

All of it was impulsive, since I was a tad bored most days and these were the ideas that popped into my head. Later on with these pieces, I realised my style of art is a moderately successful combination of pencil and ink markings together. Using pencil for initial sketches, then adding the detail, to then define specific details and add shadow/depth to the piece by inking… Still leaving the pencil traces, but just cleaning up a bit.

We have a hippie, ironman, spiderman, ibiza and some fanart here too:

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The same goes with colouring: Light and dark shades with coloured pencils, then using coloured ink to define lines and add more depth in the shading. Some may say this is garish, but in my previous post with an artwork of Urgot fanart, I can see how effective it can be. I will still be sticking with only the “1-Colour” colour scheme and this will be the most prominent colour. The piece in red is League of Legends fanart of a character called Vladimir and his prominent colour is red to feature the colour of his armour, as well as the pool of blood he wallows in.
It is good to start out with nice, gentle strokes (something I still need work on, as I’m too hard-pressing) to gain an initial sketch JUST so you can let your mind flood with ideas of how you want the final piece to come out. In other words, when it comes to art, it’s best to think more like a “progressive thinker” if that makes sense… Someone who thinks of concepts step by step as they go along. Of course you don’t always need this mindset (looking at myself here, being impulsive), but it can help at times and I must admit that I do struggle with ideas occasionally and end up rubbing out ALOT.
I hope this satiates you guys for a while, as I shall be going to a music festival this weekend and I shall be inactive until next week. For now, I bid you all have a good day.

Haikus: Time in Ibiza

I have spent the past two weeks in the beautiful lands of Ibiza, Spain and this has been the cause of my inactivity. Followed thereafter, I have been taking some time to settle myself back down into my regular routine. Now… I’m back!
To excercise my literary mind, I have dabbled into haikus and I plan to write haikus per week on this blog. If you don’t like them, just let me know.
Haikus are traditionally 3 lines long and 1 verse in total. Lines go 5-7-5 in terms of syllables.

For now, I have written a few Haikus of my time in Ibiza to start with.


Great expanse, blue seas

Glistening with aqua life

Rapid as a dart


The nightlife comes to

Conscious and subconsious join

Euphoria’s nigh


It brings me a smile

To meet wonderful people

And give them a hug


I remind myself

Times in the basking sunlight

Ibiza adored


With luck, I shall have some good old fashioned art content to post, but I hope you enjoyed these. See ya!

Some recent artwork, as a collection…

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A collection of three piece of fanart for the game League Of Legends that I have been working on. They are finally finished and the depth of shading is the key aspect as it defines important features for each character: Ziggs’ goggles, Yorrick’s hooded face and Caitlyn’s bust. This is my style, so enjoy.

Some League of Legends fan art: Ziggs

One of three League Of Legends fan art pieces that have been completed. I love the character and thought he was an interesting one to draw, so I made the focus on his goggles and that maniacal smile. The depth of shading makes for a grittier and more professional (in my opinion) overall drawing and I am happy with it. Of course, I have also posted this on my DeviantArt account. My signature is located at the base of the bomb wick… Nothing too fancy, but it’s good enough. Hope you enjoy and please comment, as I would like to get better at this.