Tattoo Designs

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Here is some sample work of some tattoo ideas. All pieces are hand drawn and I aim to provide the best quality and detail possible. All prices listed below are negotiable depending on the tattoo design criteria(in which we come to a mutual agreement), but coloured works will cost more than a B&W version. I offer tattoo designs in Lineart, Black and White or Coloured. For now, prices are as follows:

Custom Text: £12.50                                                                         Tattoo Sleeves: £40.00- £90

Small Tattoos: £15.00                                                                        Paired Tattoos: +£15.00 each

Medium Tattoos: £25.00

Large Tattoos: £40.00- £70.00

As mentioned earlier, these prices stand for now, but they are negotiable depending on the requirements for the client. Contact me and explain what it is you want, the size, colour, etc in detail. I shall then reply with an estimated date and price, which can then be adjusted further.

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