Illustrator Journal #12: University Status Update

I received conditional offers from both my #1(Coventry) and #2(Worcester) desired Universities, both for Illustration & Fine Art. After some time spent thinking, I’ve decided to take Coventry’s conditional offer.


The facilities are much bigger and the course is definitely more appealing in terms of structure, extra modules and professional creative practice. I also feel that after having a brief tour and conversing with the staff, that Coventry will get me to where I want to go more successfully. However, Worcester is a good place as well and I feel bad for declining an offer.

Soon as the final pieces are sorted out, I can accept the offer and apply for accommodation and all the other extras. With a confirmed place, it’s time to set my sights on completing my current course and meeting the conditions of the offer. This is but one of the first steps I’ve taken on my journey.

Illustrator Journal #10: Bad Action Commission Update

With a hectic schedule like mine, it’s a WONDER how I find the time, ha-ha! I’m just kidding, been doing some sketches and designs that led up to this final design. The Bad Action album “Hashtag” now has a mascot, aka. Murray Walker and he’s never looked more sinister :). The line work has been finished up and now it’s just a case of completing the rest (colours and shading), but I have started that process.

This illustrated piece should be all done (with band and album text) within a few days. I personally love the design as I feel it’s a culmination of years of drawing and this is shows my drawings are getting better. I’m feeling more confidence in myself and that’s always a benefit. I’ll show you all the final outcome when I finish it.

Illustrator Journal #5: My first commission

I’ve been given my first commission to design an album cover for a band called “Bad Action” with their album entitled “Hashtag.” They feature a clown in one of their previous albums, so that’s the inspiration for the design i’ll make for them. So you know what i’m on about, here’s a picture of the clown that I’ve taken to calling ‘Murray Walker’ after one of their songs.


Plans to illustrate half of Murray’s face as robotic, with circuitry and lots of techie themes.

IW: T-box Concept

So i’ve been mulling over something while I was working on The Animal Kingdom and this is it. I’ve been contemplating the concept of my character T-box and his identity, so I created another illustration to show a little bit of his darker side.


This is T-Box with a bit of a darker attitude and given that he can create anything, the black tendrils act as an extension of his feelings right now, as they appear like tendrils seeping in and around everything like a taint. With this drawing, I’m starting to learn what kind of drawing medium works with what kind of canvas. This is an illustration made with Sharpie drawing pen on watercolour paper and it looks really good because there’s a strong contrast that’s expected with B&W images. When the idea was first thought of, I wouldn’t have believed myself that it would look this good so far and believe me, I have plans for this guy here.

Sooner or later, I will develop some more conceptual (and coloured) works of T-Box and add some facts about him, but for now, it’s just mere B&W and something to tide ya’ll over until I get into some serious work. I’d like to stress that’s it’s always beneficial for any artist/designer to just experiment with materials and methods and see what works for you.