Haiku Monday: Stress

A culmination,

Overflows fragile vessels,

Unwanted leakage.


Impulsive actions,

Spurred by the stress of our lives,

Responsive dislikes.


Just misdirected,

A person lacking sound thoughts,

Alter their thinking.


Lone recreation,

Distraction plays no part now,

Thoughts become one’s own.


Haiku Monday: Machines

From the birth of fire,

Flickering dangerous heat,

Yet through warmth we live.


Metal melds with us,

Becomes part of our routines,

A flick of the switch.


Corruption as such,

It makes our lives better now,

Healing the stricken.



Enhances and disables,

Ultimately good.

The Artistic Journal: Beginnings of Change

A beginning blog post for each and every sunday where it’s sort of a reflective diary and news update, as well as a general post about art… More particularly my art. I like writing about arty stuff and more often than not, I include pictures and for the first post of it’s kind, I have some pictures for you all today 🙂

I am now starting to get into a routine for college and that determines how much effort I can put into this blogsite and WHEN I can. My determination is borderlining desperate to get good grades and I’m trying so hard, that I often neglect other things such as time for my friends, videogames and of course, my blog. Well I shall try to reel that in a bit so I can keep up my schedule for you all.
Over the past week or so in college, I’ve noticed that my drawing style is becoming more refined and improved with each hour that I practiced; As in I would have drawn something aweful one day, then three days later I suddenly got myself some new drawing skills and they now look more impressive. I’m just excited that I can finally see improvements in my artwork and I now completely apreciate the method of drawing light and rough, instead of hard and perfectionist.

Here’s some of the work i’ve been doing this past week:

Those of my earlier followers may notice the larger illustration piece: I start that roughly 6 months ago and I have been working on it on&off and only JUST NOW is when I’ve started working on it again and adding some colour. It’ll take a while longer, but I’ll get there yet. The others are just samples of my fashion illustration work from college and it’s a lot of experimentation at the moment before I decide my specialty on this art course.

I would just like to say, that you all should pursue your passion and feel free to experiment in your chosen passions and you will expect pleasing results in your work. With that, I bid you all goodnight.

Haiku Monday: Friends Loved And Lost

When you separate,

From people who made you smile,

A hole in the flesh.


Arguements take form,

Into hate and jealousy,

Unforgiven words.


But you remind me,

The colours of your soul shine,

Glitter in my eye.


One day hate will go,

To rebuke our pettiness,

Embracing again.