Haiku Monday: A Harbor’s Yield for Winter

Note: I’m going to attempt to make my Haikus more story-based as well as come up with some creative names for them. Let’s try it out.

Watercolour scene,
Beauty’s neglect on the coast,
Grey and blue waters.

Dismal bitter teeth,
Such lugubrious structures,
Struck by flailing tide.

Boats become soldiers,
Claim victory in battle,
Fishing for the day.

Frost and snowfall grasp,
Preserving dire sustenance,
Hibernating town.

Haiku Monday: Sleep and Dreamstate

The eyes shut slowly,

Preparing the subconscious,

Embracing the dark.


Muscles become calm,

Weariness anchors them all,

Relief at the peace.

The shadows close in,

Imagining the colours,

My dream world beckons.


In my second home,

The one for my thoughts,

I am the master.

Haikus: Bloodstock Festival 2012

Here’s another bunch of verses I wrote last weekend, enjoy!


The long journey there

Entertaining as it was

Fatigue was common


Blood sweat cheers and drink

The party started early

Lights danced around me


The music blasted

Pulsing with every note

It ran straight through me


My friends extend smiles

Making their jokes and laughing

Festival joy then


I wrote these after the Bloodstock Open Air festival weekend I went to last weekend and I had such an amazing time there, that I created these verses.