Haiku Monday: Long Way Home

Tarmac in tangent,

Wind in stark contrast rushing,

The breeze refreshes.


Combines with the roar,

Pistons pumping the car fuel,

Unorthodox song.


Distance won’t amount,

To the feeling of longing,

Clutching photographs.


Back again today,

The creek of my home sweet home,

Long way home is done.

Haiku Monday: Stress

A culmination,

Overflows fragile vessels,

Unwanted leakage.


Impulsive actions,

Spurred by the stress of our lives,

Responsive dislikes.


Just misdirected,

A person lacking sound thoughts,

Alter their thinking.


Lone recreation,

Distraction plays no part now,

Thoughts become one’s own.


Haiku Monday: Machines

From the birth of fire,

Flickering dangerous heat,

Yet through warmth we live.


Metal melds with us,

Becomes part of our routines,

A flick of the switch.


Corruption as such,

It makes our lives better now,

Healing the stricken.



Enhances and disables,

Ultimately good.