Doodlesketchin’ #21 – Urgot fanart

Just a quick post this evening and it’s of League of Legends character, Urgot. The focus is still strongly on the shading, but I added his most prominent colour for some more personality.

Essentially, I started out with a rough sketch of a sphere for his head and when I made references to his splash art, the pieces started to fall into place. What I’m saying is that to me, the initial sketch looked bad, but as I started fleshing it out, adding the detail etc, that it really began to look good. So what I’m telling you all is to NOT be put off by how messy your rough sketch looks, as you will be able to fix that up when the finer details come in. Ultimately, just practice practice practice! 😀

Doodlesketchin’ #20 – LoL Fanart, Ziggs

This is from a video game called League of Legends and it’s my main video game I play on a regular basis. It’s kind of a big thing for me, so it was only time I started some fanart for the game. Like I said a second ago, started… So here it the first bearings of a sketch I did of one of the characters called Ziggs.

I chose Ziggs because the appeal of his madness and the goggles were too much to resist. He has a cool design and I wanted to try my hand at my OWN version of him. I started with the goggles because they are the most alluring part to the whole drawing. I have to make a couple of alterations, mostly related to his nose… Just move it up and a little to the right and change the shape a bit, but that can come in a future post when I have this finished. I was unsure of how I would perceive this drawing, but after some detail and shading, I really like the look of Ziggs so far. So far, I have only used a HB pencil and I’m not going to use graphite pencil because they smudge, so unless I find a drawing pencil set, this is the only material I will use. I’m using multiple shading techniques, like dashed and cross-hatched so I can add more texture and make a better blend of shading where it is needed. Well, that’s all I got for you folks, talk to you again next time.


If you’re curious about the game I am talking about, visit

Doodlesketchin’ #19

Let’s leave this one quick for now. It’s a jumbled up few images because I just wanted to get ideas down. It’s how I think: If I come up with a good idea in my head, I MUST draw it down on paper before I forget or I WILL forget the idea. This is one main reason why my artwork is so “Impulsive Creative.”

Hope you enjoy and rather than provide an explanation, I will leave it to all of you to spark your own responses to these. Let me know what you think.

Doodlesketchin’ #18

A quick one for this submission and it’s just some more practice for my concept art class in college. Took about 20 minutes or so and this is the result. Nothing too big or detailed…

A sketch of the view from my bedroom window. Basic shading and linework to provide an overall view. Not much to say about it other than this sort of practice will help me get familiar with composing an idea quickly and efficiently and for a concept art class, this is very important.