IW: Myself

Here’s a little caricature of myself that I decided on today to create. It’s something a little odd at least for the viewers. It’s simple, but just practicing my sketching and lineart.


I think it’s down to the particular pen I use that made this drawing a little fuzzy ’round the edges. I should invest in sharpie pens because they’re better quality and they don’t spread the ink.

Illustrator Journal #1: First Step

Lately, I’ve been questioning what sort of direction I was taking with my Sunday posts and it culminated to a predicament. I realized that my artist journal was lacking any sense of direction and didn’t have a theme, or structure.

So, I’ve decided to revamp this post and give some direction. It’s going to be called illustrator journal because I want to become a comic book illustrator and will detail all my steps on this journey. Information and artwork that gets me one step closer to my goal will go here. This will be a Sunday post so all my week’s experience can accumulate into this post.

In essence, any content related to me becoming an illustrator will go here, which includes things like: Case Studies, drawing/practice sessions (for skill development), my influences & featured artists/illustrators, photographs of places I go to, events I attend and the people I meet. Do not worry, as Illustration Wednesday posts will keep going, but may not be related to this subject matter.

Sorry, there won’t be any pictures for the first post as it’s only the start. With all this being said, I think I should lay myself some initial targets, right? Well to start the journey, I need to look into a few things:

– Develop character concepts
– Attend art exhibitions and/or illustration themed events
– Design a logo, or an iconic character

Of course, any miscellaneous art projects will be posted on a separate day and will take a more random submission schedule (depending on frequency of these activities). So you may be surprised if a random post comes up on… let’s say, Tuesday, with a myriad of paintings or other things.

With all that said and done, it is time for me to start my journey not only as an artist, but an aspiring comic book illustrator.

~ “An adventure is less about how many footsteps are made, but by the life you live while making them.”

Labelling Myself – Part 1

This is an art assignment for my Art Foundation course that was given to me to complete over the summer. I was to complete this in the summer and have it ready for when I go back to college in September.
So, I was given a brown luggage tag and told to use it in a creative way to portray myself and my personality. The final piece has to be creative and/or functional and we could do what we like to it. For me, I have decided to turn it into a book, using the tag as the backing binder and finding 2 pieces of cardboard to use as the backs. It’ll contain a plethora of illustrations about me and the things around me :).

This is obviously the first part, being the startup and crafting. Part 2 will include designs and the rest of the crafting, as well as the final piece.
So I took some photos to show you:

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Haikus: Bloodstock Festival 2012

Here’s another bunch of verses I wrote last weekend, enjoy!


The long journey there

Entertaining as it was

Fatigue was common


Blood sweat cheers and drink

The party started early

Lights danced around me


The music blasted

Pulsing with every note

It ran straight through me


My friends extend smiles

Making their jokes and laughing

Festival joy then


I wrote these after the Bloodstock Open Air festival weekend I went to last weekend and I had such an amazing time there, that I created these verses.