IW: Myself

Here’s a little caricature of myself that I decided on today to create. It’s something a little odd at least for the viewers. It’s simple, but just practicing my sketching and lineart.


I think it’s down to the particular pen I use that made this drawing a little fuzzy ’round the edges. I should invest in sharpie pens because they’re better quality and they don’t spread the ink.

Art Compilation

I know you’ve missed these posts… No? Oh… Oh well, here is my latest bunch of artwork I have completed within these past few weeks. It’s a medley of fanart, illustration and just basic traditional work.

All of it was impulsive, since I was a tad bored most days and these were the ideas that popped into my head. Later on with these pieces, I realised my style of art is a moderately successful combination of pencil and ink markings together. Using pencil for initial sketches, then adding the detail, to then define specific details and add shadow/depth to the piece by inking… Still leaving the pencil traces, but just cleaning up a bit.

We have a hippie, ironman, spiderman, ibiza and some fanart here too:

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The same goes with colouring: Light and dark shades with coloured pencils, then using coloured ink to define lines and add more depth in the shading. Some may say this is garish, but in my previous post with an artwork of Urgot fanart, I can see how effective it can be. I will still be sticking with only the “1-Colour” colour scheme and this will be the most prominent colour. The piece in red is League of Legends fanart of a character called Vladimir and his prominent colour is red to feature the colour of his armour, as well as the pool of blood he wallows in.
It is good to start out with nice, gentle strokes (something I still need work on, as I’m too hard-pressing) to gain an initial sketch JUST so you can let your mind flood with ideas of how you want the final piece to come out. In other words, when it comes to art, it’s best to think more like a “progressive thinker” if that makes sense… Someone who thinks of concepts step by step as they go along. Of course you don’t always need this mindset (looking at myself here, being impulsive), but it can help at times and I must admit that I do struggle with ideas occasionally and end up rubbing out ALOT.
I hope this satiates you guys for a while, as I shall be going to a music festival this weekend and I shall be inactive until next week. For now, I bid you all have a good day.

My Stamp – Step 6

I have explained in an earlier post for lack of frequent content, but I’m back and here we have it:

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More detail in the scroll, bubbles surrounding the chocolate and general inking over pre-existing areas and once again, it looks more full with detail. Slowly but surely it’s getting there and it’s now just a case of plucking more ideas from my head with which to fill the space. Once I have all the space filled, I will begin colouring. For the next step, I should think about music and bands I really like, so look forward to that 🙂 .

Art with more of a story behind it, makes for a more engaging piece and portrays its own personal feelings from the artist to the viewer and when wanting to create a fantastic art piece, you should consider how to engage with them on a personal level. This way they can develop their own thoughts and ideas that have been induced from your work and how you present it.

For all future artwork posts on my blog, I shall try my best to provide a little advice and help for all artists out there who are looking to improve by adding a small paragraph with things to consider or extra tips and tricks. I would love to read up on feedback, so feel free to comment hereon. Thanks for viewing!

My Stamp – Step 5

It’s near enough come to a halt for the moment while I go out job hunting over the spring/summer. With my birthday aproaching fast, I have that to think about too, so there have only been a couple of updates to this piece of artwork. Take a look for yourself:

Lovely bubbly chocolate, extra urban design on the main text and general inking of some sections of the picture and it’s looking a little more in-depth. I don’t want to fill in any object with colour, or ink a lot of the piece because I may feel that my ideas change later and I want to make sure I have added every possible detail I want to each part before I finish it off with ink. It’s a good tip for all of you aswell: if you feel something’s not finished yet, just leave it in pencil and ink the stuff you think is done. I have no idea what I’m going to do next on this work as I’m more focused on getting a job right now to support my wants and needs… Although, the sorts of stores i’m applying at do have themes and I can add those themes to my artwork. For example, I’m applying at a sports store, so I may aswell as some sporty elements to my artwork and I do enjoy excercise. Well there we have it, enjoy and see you next time.