IW: League of Legends – Draven

Sometime during the week, I had the impulsive notion to just sit and draw the character, Draven. He’s cool, stylish and he rocks the Foo-Man-Choo look!

This was done with HB, 2B and Sharpie fineliner. He’s an aggressive character, but a showoff and very arrogant, so I wanted to show that side of him in this pose. It’s a nice quick sketch and I can see my drawing skills improving.

IW: More League Of Legends Fanart

Kassadin “The Voidwalker” is the latest champion to create fanart of and here he is:

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I found some purple paper that was suited to the colour scheme of the character and I did an initial sketch before inking everything up, followed by using sharpie markers, pencils and oil pastels for colour. Using a lot of dark colours was key because of the nature of his magic, so purple, dark blue and black were the 3 main colours, supported by the purple background. After that, it was just a case of creating more of an atmosphere with extra magic whirling around as he comes out of the portal.

The Artist Journal: Experimentation

Sorry this is late, laptop is on the fritz, meaning any blog content shall be posted from my local college. Anyway!

This journal entry is all about experimenting, using a plethora of materials: pen, pencil, charcoal, marker, pastel, watercolour paint and more. The big piece is a mental stimulus for my current college project and will work as my moodboard. The smaller piece is Kassadin fan art for League Of Legends (requested by another friend), and the theme is of course purple. I figured drawing in the same ol’ sketchbooks wasn’t cutting it for me, so I wanted my work to have an edge to it and this is a step in the right direction.


The Artist Journal: Current Works

Right now, I’m working on some more League Of Legends fanart and a treble clef tattoo design. Most of my college work is done and stored at college, so I can’t really document them here if I don’t have the sources, right? Anyway, the inspiration behind creating the LoL character Wukong, is that I wanted just a head shot depicting how menacing he looks in his “Volcanic” skinset. I normally don’t use colour to shade skin and faces because that’s just my style here, yet I like an odd dose of colours to emthasise the drawing. As for the tattoo design, a friend asked for a treble clef and forget-me-not flowers and right now, progress is up to the treble clef designs. Variation is key here, so there’s 14 different designs for the client’s interest. I inked them because they look nicer that way, rather than sticking with pencil.

I’m just trying and trying to perfect my drawing style and i’m getting better in my opinion. I just feel there’s more time that needs to be spent here.