Youtube: My first ViDoc

Yeah I posted my first ViDoc on youtube (short for video document). You can always go onto my new channel to show your support, but for your benefit, here it is!


As the title of the video suggests, it’s an introduction. For me, it is my very first step into developing myself as a true professional artist and ALSO the first step to becoming a comic book illustrator. CONQUEST COME SOON!

Experimenting: My First Video Timelapse

I am now starting up a YouTube channel in order to connect with a wider audience and gain basic video editing skills, as well as some animation skills. This is my first ever video timelapse and it is of my own character called Sarah-Lee. Granted the video is a tad “fuzzy” at first but I’m working on creating better quality videos. The quality does pick up a bit halfway into the video when I draw darker lines. I hope you enjoy, as there are more videos on the way and this is the reason I haven’t posted recently (up until now). Enjoy!