IW: T-Bot

Pay welcome to my new character, whom the idea was originally thought of by fellow artist Paul Jones. I then developed it so it would be more in-depth. Basically Paul siggested “try drawing a guy in a suit, with a television for a head” and the cogs started whirring from that point and I’ve now developed the concept further.

T-Bot is a genderless person that projects his emotions and his language through his screen. He displays programs like stories on his TV screen face and has the ability to project these “programs” and even animate them physically in the real world. If T-bot feels happy, then he/she can project rainbows, sunny skies, etc. But if they’re bad emotions, he/she can animate fire, bad weather and such. T-bot’s power is virtually unlimited, but he/she takes the responsibility that comes with it.

I have some illustrations of what T-Bot looks like and some examples of what he can do:

It may not EXACTLY be wednesday that I posted it, but it’s because I work late… Sorry guys, this is still Illustration Wednesday. Well, look forward to next week 🙂

Haiku Monday: Machines

From the birth of fire,

Flickering dangerous heat,

Yet through warmth we live.


Metal melds with us,

Becomes part of our routines,

A flick of the switch.


Corruption as such,

It makes our lives better now,

Healing the stricken.



Enhances and disables,

Ultimately good.

Haiku Monday: Friends Loved And Lost

When you separate,

From people who made you smile,

A hole in the flesh.


Arguements take form,

Into hate and jealousy,

Unforgiven words.


But you remind me,

The colours of your soul shine,

Glitter in my eye.


One day hate will go,

To rebuke our pettiness,

Embracing again.

Music Review – “We Are The Others” by Delain

The song from the self-entitled album “We Are The Others” is a song detailing the story of what Sophie Lancaster and every social outcast has felt and how they’ve all been treated by the majority. It tells a story about strength and standing together to stand out, becoming beautiful in our own image including all our differences. Overall, the message is that we shouldn’t feel hurt to be different, because that’s what makes each and every one of us special and if we do happen to get beaten down because of our differences, then we are not alone and we have each other.

Lyrically, the song is quite straightforward and this is good because it’s easier to understand. The real interest with this song, is the power that goes behind it and reinforces the lyrics: a beautiful and harmonious voice that is backed up with a full band (including piano) and an orchestral choir. In short, the message is clear but loud… Very loud. Indeed, it is personal opinion that believes Charlotte Wessels’ voice is beautiful and this emphasises the beauty of the song and the subject of which the song is about. What is absolute fact, is that power and beauty meld together to create something that is straightforward for the masses. In a way, it is a proclamation to discrimination and a calling to all those that consider themselves different from the majority of social class.

There are changes to the music video from the original song, the most obvious being the length and the second being the piano and guitar parts. They were slightly altered (for what reason I have yet to speculate), but the best answer is an editted version that would make for a somewhat better video production to include Delain’s new look and popularity, as well as their connection with the Sophie Lancaster Society. These changes have mixed views on youtube and other social media, but I shall leave it up to you viewers to judge for yourself.

All in all, consider it a song worthy to be listened to.