IW: Wack! List 2

I did some more that I wanted to show you, continuing to experiment with this simplistic and self-expressive style.

It’s self-expressive because it carries on with my impulse to record feelings and moments that I want to capture and the lining colour, as well as the extra details, is a reflection of that feeling. The muscle-man tells that muscles don’t compare to real, practical muscle and it’s comical of the typical “meathead” as they’re called around here. Another one to mention is the sleeping fella, whom resembles me and my consistent bouts of fatigue when I get up in the morning.

Like I said, it’s simplistic and self-expressive so although it’s cartoony and most often comical, it’s also personal :).

Illustrator Journal #14: Word Play Project

After a LONG long time, they’re finally finished and I’m quite pleased with the result. I had a hard time choosing between two different sets of the pieces, mostly because of lighting, but I decided on the darker ones since they’re more clarified.

Before I show, I probably should explain:

This was a college project where the class was given two words each and instructed to create a final piece based on our interpretations of those two words. Mine were “Effervescent Scale.” After a time spent researching and brainstorming (to myself), I had the notion to draw/paint people of a “rotund” size using bubble/circular shapes as their fatty deposits were vanishing in an effervescent manner. The bubbles draw from effervescence and overweight people is my interpretation and association with scale. It took me roughly a day for the two smaller pieces and another full day for the bigger piece. I saved the best for last and as much as I hope they look great as a set of artwork, that the main piece (in the middle) stands out from the others.

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I would also like to note, that even though I’m tippy-toeing around the weight subject, I do not care if any person of a certain size is offended by this. This is an art project and I merely made an interpretation of the criteria given to me. Regardless of that, I do enjoy taking in other people’s opinions/views on this kind of subject, comical or serious. I tend to be quite sensitive around touchy subjects and that’s just me being nice really, but sometimes I have to realise that someone is always going to be offended by SOMETHING I do and I can’t please everyone. I’ve decided that the priority for all my work, is personal satisfaction and then the aim to please others.

I hope you enjoy them and as always, I’m still learning, so any and all critique is gladly accepted.

Illustrator Journal #11: Bad Action Final Piece

With all the time and effort it took, here is the final product, all hand drawn.

I decided to make the text scribbled and a bit messy, something dynamic and cartoony for the sake of the design. A lot of it is shaded for depth, but I used a variety of colours to bring across the craziness/insanity of our character, Murray Walker. The blue for the wires contrasts with his hair colour and it’s a decent colour for wires. The toughest part, was making a 2D illustration appear 3D, so I was literally drilling some tones and shading in some areas that were a bit more sunk in than other parts. The background is white because of two reasons: 1. Paint would crease the paper and 2. Using pencil, ink or oil pastel would ruin the overall piece. Plus the fact it would draw attention away from the main subject. With enough detail and colours in the illustration already, the piece didn’t need a snazzy background to compliment it.

Well, after finishing it, I signed it (of course), took some pictures and handed the final product to the client (aka. my dad and his friend) and I also provided them with some good quality photographs too. It’s received positive feedback and I hope you guys like it too :).

If any of you would like to check out Bad Action, here are some links:



I’d love to hear feedback from all of you on what you think and if you like Bad Action’s music, tell me all about it :).

Illustrator Journal #8: T-Box Concept Art – Portal Use and The Messengers

Been working on a bit of concept art during my free time and I drew some illustrations to build up on the T-Box world. These “creatures” are called Messengers.

They’re little assistants that spread messages from T-Box and is one of the main forms of communication that T-Box uses. They appear as newspapers given bird-like animations. They can fly and they never lose track of their intended recipient (so they always find the desired person). Once they have been received by the desired person, they revert back to becoming a regular newspaper as their magic fades because they finished their errand.

I also drew a couple of pieces that illustrate how T-Box would use the portals that he creates. Each of his fingertips on one hand can manipulate the size and shape of the portal, through an ability that links the signs/marks on his fingertips with the fabrics of matter, making a temporary distortion so he can quickly move about.