Haikus: Time in Ibiza

I have spent the past two weeks in the beautiful lands of Ibiza, Spain and this has been the cause of my inactivity. Followed thereafter, I have been taking some time to settle myself back down into my regular routine. Now… I’m back!
To excercise my literary mind, I have dabbled into haikus and I plan to write haikus per week on this blog. If you don’t like them, just let me know.
Haikus are traditionally 3 lines long and 1 verse in total. Lines go 5-7-5 in terms of syllables.

For now, I have written a few Haikus of my time in Ibiza to start with.


Great expanse, blue seas

Glistening with aqua life

Rapid as a dart


The nightlife comes to

Conscious and subconsious join

Euphoria’s nigh


It brings me a smile

To meet wonderful people

And give them a hug


I remind myself

Times in the basking sunlight

Ibiza adored


With luck, I shall have some good old fashioned art content to post, but I hope you enjoyed these. See ya!

My Stamp – Step 5

It’s near enough come to a halt for the moment while I go out job hunting over the spring/summer. With my birthday aproaching fast, I have that to think about too, so there have only been a couple of updates to this piece of artwork. Take a look for yourself:

Lovely bubbly chocolate, extra urban design on the main text and general inking of some sections of the picture and it’s looking a little more in-depth. I don’t want to fill in any object with colour, or ink a lot of the piece because I may feel that my ideas change later and I want to make sure I have added every possible detail I want to each part before I finish it off with ink. It’s a good tip for all of you aswell: if you feel something’s not finished yet, just leave it in pencil and ink the stuff you think is done. I have no idea what I’m going to do next on this work as I’m more focused on getting a job right now to support my wants and needs… Although, the sorts of stores i’m applying at do have themes and I can add those themes to my artwork. For example, I’m applying at a sports store, so I may aswell as some sporty elements to my artwork and I do enjoy excercise. Well there we have it, enjoy and see you next time.

Doodlesketchin’ #10

If it’s one thing I love, it’s to draw… AND OH DAMN, I got another drawing here for you this evening. One of my older sketches and I hope to show some more respresentation of my creativity.

To put it simply, they’re icon designs for an online group. The main theme is ‘Insanity’ and this was carried out by drawing wierd and unusual pictures: One of a drug-injected brain and the other is a bird man. These were one of the few pieces of artwork where I actually just let my hand go and I drew free-spirited.

My Introduction

Hello all and this is my first post, or my introduction as I’d like to call it. This blog is where I will post my work and any updates within my learning curve as a young creative media student. From here I will post images (made graphically or mechanically), reports on goings-on with myself, articles and links to other forms of media that have inspired me or that I found interesting and relative to what I’m trying to do myself. I hope that as I get more popular as an artist, I will have more content to show my audience, to envelope them in a world where my imagination runs free and feel the emotion of my work with an inside perspective.