Haikus: Time in Ibiza

I have spent the past two weeks in the beautiful lands of Ibiza, Spain and this has been the cause of my inactivity. Followed thereafter, I have been taking some time to settle myself back down into my regular routine. Now… I’m back!
To excercise my literary mind, I have dabbled into haikus and I plan to write haikus per week on this blog. If you don’t like them, just let me know.
Haikus are traditionally 3 lines long and 1 verse in total. Lines go 5-7-5 in terms of syllables.

For now, I have written a few Haikus of my time in Ibiza to start with.


Great expanse, blue seas

Glistening with aqua life

Rapid as a dart


The nightlife comes to

Conscious and subconsious join

Euphoria’s nigh


It brings me a smile

To meet wonderful people

And give them a hug


I remind myself

Times in the basking sunlight

Ibiza adored


With luck, I shall have some good old fashioned art content to post, but I hope you enjoyed these. See ya!