Haiku Monday: Alice In Wonderland

Mental stimulus,
The world adapted to one,
How the flowers smile.

A blink doesn’t blink,
Walking through a twisted door,
Inverted doorknob.

Comprehensive charm,
Magic or mere projection,
Creating creatures.

Expansive grandeur,
Un-conquerable by all,
Precious virgin thoughts.

Haiku Monday: Apology

Guilt-driven mistake,

Scratching thy head and ponder,

Anxiety hence.


Sweat wept from the brow,

Wrinkled forehead quite haggard,

Chose the mental block.


Unlock the stained box,

Disregard becoming care,

Wrong admits defeat.


Words become exposed,

Fruition upon the tongue,

I beg for your love.

Liverpool Biennial 2012

On a journey through Liverpool’s bustling streets and side-path alleyways, me and my class went on a discovery of contempory artwork from professional and amateur artists. The date Wednesday 17th October was the day we spent in the city and there’s a whole heap of photos to look through, so don’t let me stop you.

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Upon my walk through Liverpool, buildings such as the Walker Gallery, the Cunard Building and the Tate Modern were hotspots for the Biennial event and the top 3 destinations to visit. Artists such as Elizabeth Magill, Mark Wallinger and Janine Antoni feature in this set of pictures that were taken in&around Liverpool… Even found a Banksy print too. All of those artists I did not know of until the Biennial and it was a pleasant experience to discover the talent that is driving the UK forward in the art world.

My particular favourite is “Sighting” by Elizabeth Magill because of the fantasy atmosphere I perceive from the piece. Not only is it creative, it’s detailed and the painting is of excellent quality: The glow on the branches that sit in the murky water is beautiful, but the truely skillful part of the painting is the shine/reflection upon the water that portrays a serene moment.

Over the day, I’ve seen many great pieces… But I was exhausted after the trek, so I called it a day after collecting information.