About Me:

Seth for short is just fine, I prefer to keep things casual upon approach. Currently studying Art and Design in college, my creative interests involve illustration, drawing, photography and digital art. Alongside that, I also write creative and analytical literature as a hobby.

This blog was created so I could connect with a wider audience who understand and/or appreciate my work as an artist and a writer. I made this blog to share my work with the world and to connect with other like-minded individuals in order to gain inspiration and a better understanding of our world in a creative concept.

My goal in the long run is to become a comic book illustrator and this blog will encompass everything about that journey too: from the before, to during and even the aftermath of achieving my goals.

I appreciate any and all support that I receive and I aim to make sure that my following is treated with respect like any fans/followers should.
Enjoy your time visiting my residence.

7 thoughts on “About Me:

  1. Holy shit what a load of crap. Are you down syndrome or something because this is shockingly bad. You’re not an artist, you’re a talentless nobody with the skill and intelligence of a sardine. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

    • Thankyou very much. I’m always pleased when my followers can enjoy my work, as without followers, I have nobody to create art and literature for.

      Thankyou again and I shall update my content regularly.

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