IW: Quickie

Just a quick post for tonight, as the content is pretty simple.

It’s a selection of avatar pictures that I have made for general uses. I’m just trying to experiment a little bit with how I draw my illustrations and I’m beginning to broaden my spectrum of offers to the public (well… Internet).

IW: A medley of drawings

As the title implies, that is what I have to show you today. I didn’t have any real direction/inspiration this week on what to illustrate, so I just sketched whatever came to me on impulse and the result includes two blocky and shaded characters, a caricature of my friend Mike and my own created character I call Sarah-Lee.

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They are of course small illustrations but they are based on the development of my new & improving drawing skills, from which i’m practicing a new shading technique for cartoon hair and a different shading technique for gestures and life drawing (hence the unidentifiable figures).

Hope you like ’em, despite the mediocrity (as i’m still learning), but please feel free to offer critique/comments below. Until next time!


IW (Illustration Wednesday): Beginning

A new post to be made every wednesday with regard to Illustration work and me practicing my illustration skills. This will happen every wednesday and will contain either a traditional or digital drawing, or a photograph.

So since it’s the start of this new series of blog posts, I have made two: they illustrate my first few days in college and my thoughts.

The faceless person is the representation of a potential friend I could make. Given that there are around 50 people on my particular course, all of which seem friendly and cool, I shouldn’t have a problem getting to know a few. Although with me being a shy and timid person, that shall take some time.

I made an avatar picture!

Just a quick post to satisfy you all. I made this avatar picture for a friend on the Dark Souls video game forums. The idea was to create a chibi of a paladin with the Knight Solaire sun in the background. This all features from the video game “Dark Souls” by Konami.


Isn’t he cute? I think so. As small as it is, it needed to be for the specs of an avatar picture for the forums. It’s a mix of pencil, graphite and fineliner that adds 3 grades of tone and depth. Hope you like it, this is me, signing out.