The Artist Journal: Experimentation

Sorry this is late, laptop is on the fritz, meaning any blog content shall be posted from my local college. Anyway!

This journal entry is all about experimenting, using a plethora of materials: pen, pencil, charcoal, marker, pastel, watercolour paint and more. The big piece is a mental stimulus for my current college project and will work as my moodboard. The smaller piece is Kassadin fan art for League Of Legends (requested by another friend), and the theme is of course purple. I figured drawing in the same ol’ sketchbooks wasn’t cutting it for me, so I wanted my work to have an edge to it and this is a step in the right direction.


The Artist Journal: A Couple o’ Requests

Just a tattoo design of Optimus versus Megatron and a lil’ illustration to send to a penpal. I’m still learning about drawing and everything and I’m starting to think maybe it’s the paper texture of the sketchbook that makes my drawings look a little… Off. Well that, or pencil quality.

I’m hoping throughout this Art course I’m on, that the drawing skills pick up in time. I’m not expecting an overnight change, but at least I want my work to become professional. It probably would be best for me to experiment with different kinds of canvases: paper, card, canvas paper, etc. I’ll look into using paints and inks too, but I’m too attached to my pen & pencil, haha.

IW: Animal Kingdom Pt.2

A second batch of illustrations I made for the Animal “Kingdom,” to which we now have a bishop, a blacksmith and a guard. As I continue to work on these small drawings, the refinement process becomes more beneficial to me as my drawing quality improves in the end result. I shall leave you to guess which animal each one is 🙂

What I’m aiming to do here, is create these animal characters/subjects of the kingdom and when I have all the ideas drawn out, I can create bigger pieces that are more illustrative, more detailed and more comical (as well as coloured). In time, each animal associated to these subject roles will develop a unique personality that will create diversity and an interesting little comic project I can work with.

As time passes and I come closer to completing the set of subjects, I’ll reveal more information on this project I want to undertake. So, this will consume quite a few IWs from my schedule guys xD. Any feedback/suggestions is always apreciated, thankyou.

IW: College Box Project

This just covers the illustrative parts of the project. I’ll talk in more detail in a later post about the project and my art piece, so don’t feel confused because all will be explained at a later date.

In terms of the illustrations, the children are seeing inside the contents of the box with innocence and it’s this fragile nature that plays contrast to the muck, the dirt and the giant mouth that consumes and envelops everything we hold precious. The children remain innocent as they don’t see what’s happening outside the box because of their fixation with the kittens (made from cloth xD).

I have not decided if I want to add any more illustration to the piece, but if I change my mind, I have another day of college time if I choose to.