Some League of Legends fan art: Ziggs

One of three League Of Legends fan art pieces that have been completed. I love the character and thought he was an interesting one to draw, so I made the focus on his goggles and that maniacal smile. The depth of shading makes for a grittier and more professional (in my opinion) overall drawing and I am happy with it. Of course, I have also posted this on my DeviantArt account. My signature is located at the base of the bomb wick… Nothing too fancy, but it’s good enough. Hope you enjoy and please comment, as I would like to get better at this.

5 thoughts on “Some League of Legends fan art: Ziggs

    • I thank you for the critique, although I’m not so sure as to how to go about that, since I used a 6B on this piece. Maybe I could reduce the brightness setting on the scanner, or use a softer lead? What do you think?

      Since then, I also have a blender tool so I can make my shading smoother.

      • Sorry, I was just thinking along the lines of a Photoshop experiment. If you have PS or some other image-editing software, you could scan your work into that program and try adjusting the Levels or Curves settings to darken the image. Some simple digital manipulation to darken the shading might give you an idea of what works, where to go from there. Hope that helps. : )

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