More work people…

Here’s a few things I’ve been working on. Since my birthday a while ago, I have been experimenting with amateur photography and I’m getting some pretty nice shots. Also been practising on my digital paint and airbrushing skills with a ‘Chibi’ version of myself. You can find more work I’ve been doing on my DeviantArt account. But guys and gals, what do you reckon I should try doing next?

My guest post

For all my readers and subscribers, I was kindly accepted into doing a guest post for my friend Tom Baker . Tom is an insightful person with plenty of things going on in his mind and he’s quite open to expressing these thoughts. My guest post will appear on his blog in the near future, so I urge you all to check out Tom’s blog and leave a few comments, before my work is published. Thanks for taking the time to read, here is Baker’s blog link:

My Introduction

Hello all and this is my first post, or my introduction as I’d like to call it. This blog is where I will post my work and any updates within my learning curve as a young creative media student. From here I will post images (made graphically or mechanically), reports on goings-on with myself, articles and links to other forms of media that have inspired me or that I found interesting and relative to what I’m trying to do myself. I hope that as I get more popular as an artist, I will have more content to show my audience, to envelope them in a world where my imagination runs free and feel the emotion of my work with an inside perspective.