My Stamp – Step 5

It’s near enough come to a halt for the moment while I go out job hunting over the spring/summer. With my birthday aproaching fast, I have that to think about too, so there have only been a couple of updates to this piece of artwork. Take a look for yourself:

Lovely bubbly chocolate, extra urban design on the main text and general inking of some sections of the picture and it’s looking a little more in-depth. I don’t want to fill in any object with colour, or ink a lot of the piece because I may feel that my ideas change later and I want to make sure I have added every possible detail I want to each part before I finish it off with ink. It’s a good tip for all of you aswell: if you feel something’s not finished yet, just leave it in pencil and ink the stuff you think is done. I have no idea what I’m going to do next on this work as I’m more focused on getting a job right now to support my wants and needs… Although, the sorts of stores i’m applying at do have themes and I can add those themes to my artwork. For example, I’m applying at a sports store, so I may aswell as some sporty elements to my artwork and I do enjoy excercise. Well there we have it, enjoy and see you next time.

What do you think?

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