A little news for you:

Three things have been keeping me busy the past two weeks so I have been neglecting this blog for the timebeing. I apoligize again, I just haven’t been feeling at my best and I’ve been distracted.

My course requires that I have to move colleges so it’s been heptic schedules in my classes these past two weeks and I’ve been working to complete my units faster. As well as that, my birthday was this month on the 17th and I had my party on the 20th, so I was also preoccupied with that and inviting guests.

Some other news has been troubling my mind too. My grandmother was hospitalised over stomach cancer and unfortunately, she died on the 20th of April, which was yesterday. I seen her lay so peacefully and I left her a message that will always remain true:

“A daughter, a wife, a mother and grandmother,

an aunty and neice and a lady.

But most of all, she was the Statue of Liberty for our family…

A strong and independant lady whom is loved by all she knew dearly.”

And that’s what I left her, R.I.P Doreen Jennings, my grandmother.

But, because I had great friends to show me a good time and remind me that I have people to talk to, I am now a bit more in spirit and I shall be posting quite a bit of content tomorrow. So stay tuned and thanks for being patient.


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