My Stamp – Step 4

A little sketching here, a little inking there and… Presto! This is my latest update on my current creative arts project in which I am drawing everything and anything to do with me and my life. A lot of it is impulsive and done on the spot because my style of art being “Impulsive Creative” means that I just do things and the ideas develop from there. Even though most of the drawing has been done on a “just do” basis, all of it has meaning, especially to me.

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Extra details in the linework give some of the objects more depth to them and thus it becomes more alive and exciting. The smiley face on the eraser just reminds me of how I always draw smiley faces on mine in real life and in the corner of the page, we have an initial sketch of what is going to be me. In this depiction of me, I will be contemplating what to do, since most of the time I’m always pondering on what I should add to the piece next.

Sometimes the designs don’t come out exactly how you want to and that is only natural. But given time and proper care, we can develop those sudden changes to blend and mould in with the whole picture. Usually this may happen when you start to ink over your pencil lines, but do not fret and embrace that hidden creativity. I support this statement as alot of my current artwork takes changes as I draw over the pencil in ink and more often than not, it looks alot better with the slight tweaks and changes. Hope you enjoy and look forward to my next post. 🙂

What do you think?

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