A Summary of Life Drawing

It’s time for a little change and to add something to make the blog content a little more versatile in terms of art. Here’s a collection of life drawings I created over the course of 4 sessions in a month:

The purpose of this, is to narrate the development of my life drawing skills and reflect on any improvements made. Comparing my beginner class to my latest one, I can spot some significant improvement to how I approach drawing the model. I’m nowhere near good at this point in time, but I can see I’m taking the right steps. My tutor is rather supportive and it’s good to be in a casual environment with friends/classmates while working. As an aspiring illustrator, anatomy is a key foundation of knowledge to learn if I want to become better and I’m curious (if not worried) if I can grasp the concept of anatomy and develop my skills to a near-professional standard by the end of my course.

So I display my work to you all in as humble a way as possible and I truly appreciate all the support I have and all the support I may get. Thanks for reading.

What do you think?

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