A Summary of Life Drawing

It’s time for a little change and to add something to make the blog content a little more versatile in terms of art. Here’s a collection of life drawings I created over the course of 4 sessions in a month:

The purpose of this, is to narrate the development of my life drawing skills and reflect on any improvements made. Comparing my beginner class to my latest one, I can spot some significant improvement to how I approach drawing the model. I’m nowhere near good at this point in time, but I can see I’m taking the right steps. My tutor is rather supportive and it’s good to be in a casual environment with friends/classmates while working. As an aspiring illustrator, anatomy is a key foundation of knowledge to learn if I want to become better and I’m curious (if not worried) if I can grasp the concept of anatomy and develop my skills to a near-professional standard by the end of my course.

So I display my work to you all in as humble a way as possible and I truly appreciate all the support I have and all the support I may get. Thanks for reading.

The Artist Journal: Life Drawing Introduction

For my first time life drawing, I had mixed feelings about it because I was excited to start… But I felt my skills were pretty poor. I hoped it was clawed back in the final moments of the life drawing session, but that is up for speculation.

So it’s a friday afternoon, the model casually makes his way in while the group is working and the next moment involves the setup and the man undressing. Sure enough there were a few silenced giggles and blushed faces, but I guess we had to get on with it, right? Well I set up my easel, paper and drawing materials and got to work for a few hours. It was much harder than I thought, but I had an excellent tutor to guide me through the session, yet i’m still conflicted about the progress… But I’ll leave that up to my audience to tell me what they think :).

As always, here are some photos: