Illustrator Journal #12: University Status Update

I received conditional offers from both my #1(Coventry) and #2(Worcester) desired Universities, both for Illustration & Fine Art. After some time spent thinking, I’ve decided to take Coventry’s conditional offer.


The facilities are much bigger and the course is definitely more appealing in terms of structure, extra modules and professional creative practice. I also feel that after having a brief tour and conversing with the staff, that Coventry will get me to where I want to go more successfully. However, Worcester is a good place as well and I feel bad for declining an offer.

Soon as the final pieces are sorted out, I can accept the offer and apply for accommodation and all the other extras. With a confirmed place, it’s time to set my sights on completing my current course and meeting the conditions of the offer. This is but one of the first steps I’ve taken on my journey.

Illustrator Journal #9: University Update

As of right now, I’ve applied for four Universities (all for illustration):

Coventry (Interview invite)
Worcester (Offered a place)
Derby (Interview Invite)
Bournemouth (Interview Invite)


They way i’m tempted by Worcester because of its on-site facilities and accommodation, I may very well go there instead of my favourite choice, Coventry. I have a couple of weeks until my interview with Derby, so it gives me more time to boost the quality of my portfolio. You know that whole thing with writing essays? I don’t like them!

The Artist Journal: University Education

I’ve been looking into universities for higher education around my area and that’s what’s been on the agenda for the week. It’s a big and important step for me and will decide the step on the path to my career and my livelihood.

As of right now, it’s just the discovery phase: Brighton, Bournemouth, Worcester, Derby and Coventry. Worcester and Coventry are the favourites currently, because of location and course details/facilities. Considering I’m going onto university next year, it’s a serious thing to think about. I’ve been asking friends and family about the sort of things to look for: the quality of the art studios, professional lectures, trips, cost, vicinity to home, etc. As a result of these, Coventry and Worcester are the most suited to my needs and I’ll be going over there to check them out.
This is what i’ve been up to the past week and I wanted to share that with you all :). Wish me luck in my education, I’m going to need it this year round.