Illustrator Journal #7: Studying Art Movements

No particular illustration work today, since college has kept me preoccupied. I decided instead to pick up a couple of books and learn about art movements that came before the modern day. The reasoning is less about academic prowess and more about personal insight: I am curious, so I want to study. The two books are entitled:

“Concepts of Modern Art” by Nikos Stangos


“New Media in Late 20th Century Art” by Michael Rush

Both will help me gain some knowledge in the styles of art that came before me and perhaps give me some inspiration to my illustration work. So far I’m only partway through the first book and it’s going to take me a long time before I finish them both. From what I have read, it’s such a good resource (that I loaned from the library) and the more I read, the more intelligent I feel. There are some interesting illustrations that go in the back of Concepts of Modern Art to compliment the essays and their contents. As much as I was sceptical about picking up an arts book, I find that it’s thoroughly enjoyable to read, if at best daunting with the vocabulary.

The Artist Journal: Anatomy Practice

Currently for the past two weeks, I have been trying to develop my anatomy drawing skills and so far progress is going well. Yet… I’m always dissapointing myself with my lack of knowledge, or the fact that I draw certain body parts out of proportion or perspective. All I can do is practice practice practice and I have a couple of books to learn from too. Here’s some drawings for show:

In my honest opinion I feel I’m slowly developing in drawing skills but yet severely lacking the skills I want & need. There are quite I few ways I can aproach this problem: study books, talk to artists, watch videos and of course… Practice practice practice. In fact, I can probably do all those, as I need to study as much material and get as much professional advice as I can. So I guess I’ve got to study books and videos, talk to people and practice hard.

If anyone has any advice and such, please feel free to let me know and I will gladly accept it. Any other comments, just drop ’em in.