Haiku Monday: Sleep and Dreamstate

The eyes shut slowly,

Preparing the subconscious,

Embracing the dark.


Muscles become calm,

Weariness anchors them all,

Relief at the peace.

The shadows close in,

Imagining the colours,

My dream world beckons.


In my second home,

The one for my thoughts,

I am the master.

Haiku Monday: The Literary Arts

Another 4 verses:


When ink meets paper,

Thoughts then become physical,

Reverse back as thoughts.


Writing is a form,

Curves and lines communicate,

Inspires and instills.


Creative writing,

Exploring and imagines,

For alternate styles.


Perfecting one’s style,

Create one line at a time,

It’ll come to me.

Haikus: Bloodstock Festival 2012

Here’s another bunch of verses I wrote last weekend, enjoy!


The long journey there

Entertaining as it was

Fatigue was common


Blood sweat cheers and drink

The party started early

Lights danced around me


The music blasted

Pulsing with every note

It ran straight through me


My friends extend smiles

Making their jokes and laughing

Festival joy then


I wrote these after the Bloodstock Open Air festival weekend I went to last weekend and I had such an amazing time there, that I created these verses.

Experimenting: My First Video Timelapse

I am now starting up a YouTube channel in order to connect with a wider audience and gain basic video editing skills, as well as some animation skills. This is my first ever video timelapse and it is of my own character called Sarah-Lee. Granted the video is a tad “fuzzy” at first but I’m working on creating better quality videos. The quality does pick up a bit halfway into the video when I draw darker lines. I hope you enjoy, as there are more videos on the way and this is the reason I haven’t posted recently (up until now). Enjoy!