Illustrator Journal #16: Just playing around…

I made some small illustrations in a new style I’m trying out, dubbed “Wack!” There will be more to come, for sure, but I want to see what you guys think.

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I like the style of bold linework with the glow of colour. It’s, well… Bold! 😀

It shows colour and attitude despite the minimal use of colours themselves and this method of illustration is good (for me) because I can do them quickly and anywhere I like, just need a fineliner and a few pencils.

Haiku Monday: The Dark Soul

Atomizing sprite,
Brought forth the seedling crystals,
Blackened foundation.

Power and curse,
Healing and fateful undeath,
Nature’s perversion.

Fuel to feed the fire,
Fuel to feed the coming dark,
Burn different flame.

Consuming the gods,
Empowering of mankind,
Which is right or wrong?