IW: Myself

Here’s a little caricature of myself that I decided on today to create. It’s something a little odd at least for the viewers. It’s simple, but just practicing my sketching and lineart.


I think it’s down to the particular pen I use that made this drawing a little fuzzy ’round the edges. I should invest in sharpie pens because they’re better quality and they don’t spread the ink.

(Belated) IW #7: More Animal Kingdom Characters

Hey guys, I know that for the past month I have been failing to provide punctual and regular content. With a broken laptop and Christmas over, I have a brand new laptop, so I can guarantee a return to weekly content. For the most part, I have yet to adjust my scanner to the new laptop, so pictures may vary in quality (for better or worse :P).

Anyway! With that said and done, here are some more illustrations for “The Animal Kingdom.” With this set, I’m roughly a third complete. Once they’re all done, I can make more detailed and interesting concept ideas for the series. Eventually I’ll turn it into a comic design, but that’s a long shot from now.

Ok, we have: Baboon Tart, Bear Cook, Peacock Tailor and Zebra Peasant. There’s a little difference in drawing style and I’m working on adding some more layers in shading and just providing some alternate angles/compositions.

I thank you for sticking around so far, as this is only the start of my illustrative (and artistic) learning process/career. Next post is Sunday!

Doodlesketchin’ #1

The first and foremost, so let us depict me in one of my common poses for Monday 6th of February’s choice.

Yes! Zoned out and mindless like a zombie when you put me in front of a computer screen, mostly because I’m either blogging or playing video games. What can I say? I’m a real stereotypical guy in that sense where we gaum out playing video games. I put more effort into adding SOME detail and shading so it’ll set the benchmark for future submissions. Hope you readers enjoy and I shall see you soon.