Haiku Monday: Fateful Discoveries Blossom Romance

I’m back in action and off my lazy ass (for reasons secret to myself). Time to get back in the saddle and here’s my next set of haiku poetry. I appreciate comments as feedback and it helps me improve.

Upon happenstance,
Sunlit kissed skin meets the horizon,
Warming and soft glow.

How I met you here,
Unfamiliar green grass,
The fresh seed of life.

Tense locking eyes,
A shy soul’s window opened,
A sweet fragrant heart.

A mere chance meeting,
Yet flowers fall at our feet,
Now I’m waking up.

Haiku Monday: Ink

A declaration,

Statements made into language,

Permanent fixture.


Mix pen and paper,

A literary artform,

Truly gives purpose.


It means anything,

The writer decides the end,

Take those thoughts along.


I write on my arm,

Ink imprints cherished friend’s names,

I do not regret.


~ Dedication to all the names of my friends and loved ones that I ever wrote upon my skin, as a reminder that I still care about them.

Haiku Monday: Friends Loved And Lost

When you separate,

From people who made you smile,

A hole in the flesh.


Arguements take form,

Into hate and jealousy,

Unforgiven words.


But you remind me,

The colours of your soul shine,

Glitter in my eye.


One day hate will go,

To rebuke our pettiness,

Embracing again.