Haiku Monday: Experiencing Something New

Unfamiliar crossbreed,
Adrenaline kicks.

The loving caress,
Held anew soft hands of yours,
Love unknown to me.

Flying from the nest,
Alone in one’s brief pursuit,
Hobbies develop.

Fresh and yet untamed,
Youthful curiosity,
Succeed or failing.

Haiku Monday: The Dark Soul

Atomizing sprite,
Brought forth the seedling crystals,
Blackened foundation.

Power and curse,
Healing and fateful undeath,
Nature’s perversion.

Fuel to feed the fire,
Fuel to feed the coming dark,
Burn different flame.

Consuming the gods,
Empowering of mankind,
Which is right or wrong?

Haiku Monday: A Harbor’s Yield for Winter

Note: I’m going to attempt to make my Haikus more story-based as well as come up with some creative names for them. Let’s try it out.

Watercolour scene,
Beauty’s neglect on the coast,
Grey and blue waters.

Dismal bitter teeth,
Such lugubrious structures,
Struck by flailing tide.

Boats become soldiers,
Claim victory in battle,
Fishing for the day.

Frost and snowfall grasp,
Preserving dire sustenance,
Hibernating town.

Haiku Monday: Alice In Wonderland

Mental stimulus,
The world adapted to one,
How the flowers smile.

A blink doesn’t blink,
Walking through a twisted door,
Inverted doorknob.

Comprehensive charm,
Magic or mere projection,
Creating creatures.

Expansive grandeur,
Un-conquerable by all,
Precious virgin thoughts.