Haiku Monday: Fateful Discoveries Blossom Romance

I’m back in action and off my lazy ass (for reasons secret to myself). Time to get back in the saddle and here’s my next set of haiku poetry. I appreciate comments as feedback and it helps me improve.

Upon happenstance,
Sunlit kissed skin meets the horizon,
Warming and soft glow.

How I met you here,
Unfamiliar green grass,
The fresh seed of life.

Tense locking eyes,
A shy soul’s window opened,
A sweet fragrant heart.

A mere chance meeting,
Yet flowers fall at our feet,
Now I’m waking up.

Haiku Monday: Dead Eyes See No Future

Common emptiness,
Undesirable fates twist,
Hollow carcasses.

Descending the black pit,
Pestilence and rampant greed,
Siphoning their pride.

We’re falling from grace,
As dead eyes see no future,
Yet I’m coming home.