My Stamp – Step 6

I have explained in an earlier post for lack of frequent content, but I’m back and here we have it:

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More detail in the scroll, bubbles surrounding the chocolate and general inking over pre-existing areas and once again, it looks more full with detail. Slowly but surely it’s getting there and it’s now just a case of plucking more ideas from my head with which to fill the space. Once I have all the space filled, I will begin colouring. For the next step, I should think about music and bands I really like, so look forward to that 🙂 .

Art with more of a story behind it, makes for a more engaging piece and portrays its own personal feelings from the artist to the viewer and when wanting to create a fantastic art piece, you should consider how to engage with them on a personal level. This way they can develop their own thoughts and ideas that have been induced from your work and how you present it.

For all future artwork posts on my blog, I shall try my best to provide a little advice and help for all artists out there who are looking to improve by adding a small paragraph with things to consider or extra tips and tricks. I would love to read up on feedback, so feel free to comment hereon. Thanks for viewing!