Illustrator Journal #12: University Status Update

I received conditional offers from both my #1(Coventry) and #2(Worcester) desired Universities, both for Illustration & Fine Art. After some time spent thinking, I’ve decided to take Coventry’s conditional offer.


The facilities are much bigger and the course is definitely more appealing in terms of structure, extra modules and professional creative practice. I also feel that after having a brief tour and conversing with the staff, that Coventry will get me to where I want to go more successfully. However, Worcester is a good place as well and I feel bad for declining an offer.

Soon as the final pieces are sorted out, I can accept the offer and apply for accommodation and all the other extras. With a confirmed place, it’s time to set my sights on completing my current course and meeting the conditions of the offer. This is but one of the first steps I’ve taken on my journey.

The Artist Journal: A quick update on my education

As the title suggests, that’s how it is this post. Fretting over college work means I’ve had little time to do personal work. As far as college, I’m getting some good feedback from classmates AND tutors. As it’s a preliminary couple of months, our the students on the Art & Design course (including myself) are being assessed and then we specialise into one of the fours sections: Fine Art, 3D, Fashion and Graphics. We do get to choose where we go, so I’m going for Fine Art and develop my illustration skills from there.

Although on a chirpier note, I have completed my latest LoL fanart work for the forums.

I discovered the blending tool which helped my sketchbook work look less “grainy.” I need to invest in one of these tools, since I only borrowed the one I used, haha. I’m slowly working in colour into my drawings, but I still like going Black & White, just as a personal preference.

Until tomorrow! 🙂

I made an avatar picture!

Just a quick post to satisfy you all. I made this avatar picture for a friend on the Dark Souls video game forums. The idea was to create a chibi of a paladin with the Knight Solaire sun in the background. This all features from the video game “Dark Souls” by Konami.


Isn’t he cute? I think so. As small as it is, it needed to be for the specs of an avatar picture for the forums. It’s a mix of pencil, graphite and fineliner that adds 3 grades of tone and depth. Hope you like it, this is me, signing out.