Illustrator Journal #13: Visual Research and some more Studying

Being able to interpret and capture the surrounding environment in any kind of media is a crucial skill to have for an artist/illustrator. Since I’ll be referencing objects and places in the real world for my inspiration, recording any peculiar detail will be helpful as a guide and refine my technical drawing skills, no matter how rough or neat. Here’s some pen drawings I did of objects in and around my surroundings:

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Also, I happened upon a book called Gray’s Anatomy by Henry Gray and as it says, GA is one of the best reference books for students, doctors and artists. This will also be helpful towards my aspirations in terms of being able to study anatomy and get a better insight into how each body part, nerve, muscle and gland works so I can draw the best figures possible.

It’s a huge book, but as mentioned earlier, it’s for reference when I need to look something up. This kind of book will be essential for when I head off to University in September and it’ll be a great learning tool.

IW: College Illustrations WIP

Just a quick post today, showing you something a little quirkier. These are a couple of pages from my college sketchbook and the inspiration behind them is Alice In Wonderland.

Like I said, the inspiration is Alice In Wonderland, so I’ve taken everyday objects and buildings from the street and distorted/twisted them to fit my own wacky imagination. They’re WIPs, so there is plenty more details to be added before it’s complete. Twists and spherical shapes, as well as onomatopoeia, are quite common themes with my style here and it’s B&W so I have played to my strength with the depth of shading. The next step is just filling the whole spaces, then refining all the details and adding extras.

I’ll show the finished result in a later post.