Haiku Monday: The Dark Soul

Atomizing sprite,
Brought forth the seedling crystals,
Blackened foundation.

Power and curse,
Healing and fateful undeath,
Nature’s perversion.

Fuel to feed the fire,
Fuel to feed the coming dark,
Burn different flame.

Consuming the gods,
Empowering of mankind,
Which is right or wrong?

I made an avatar picture!

Just a quick post to satisfy you all. I made this avatar picture for a friend on the Dark Souls video game forums. The idea was to create a chibi of a paladin with the Knight Solaire sun in the background. This all features from the video game “Dark Souls” by Konami.


Isn’t he cute? I think so. As small as it is, it needed to be for the specs of an avatar picture for the forums. It’s a mix of pencil, graphite and fineliner that adds 3 grades of tone and depth. Hope you like it, this is me, signing out.