Illustrator Journal #11: Bad Action Final Piece

With all the time and effort it took, here is the final product, all hand drawn.

I decided to make the text scribbled and a bit messy, something dynamic and cartoony for the sake of the design. A lot of it is shaded for depth, but I used a variety of colours to bring across the craziness/insanity of our character, Murray Walker. The blue for the wires contrasts with his hair colour and it’s a decent colour for wires. The toughest part, was making a 2D illustration appear 3D, so I was literally drilling some tones and shading in some areas that were a bit more sunk in than other parts. The background is white because of two reasons: 1. Paint would crease the paper and 2. Using pencil, ink or oil pastel would ruin the overall piece. Plus the fact it would draw attention away from the main subject. With enough detail and colours in the illustration already, the piece didn’t need a snazzy background to compliment it.

Well, after finishing it, I signed it (of course), took some pictures and handed the final product to the client (aka. my dad and his friend) and I also provided them with some good quality photographs too. It’s received positive feedback and I hope you guys like it too :).

If any of you would like to check out Bad Action, here are some links:

I’d love to hear feedback from all of you on what you think and if you like Bad Action’s music, tell me all about it :).

Illustrator Journal #10: Bad Action Commission Update

With a hectic schedule like mine, it’s a WONDER how I find the time, ha-ha! I’m just kidding, been doing some sketches and designs that led up to this final design. The Bad Action album “Hashtag” now has a mascot, aka. Murray Walker and he’s never looked more sinister :). The line work has been finished up and now it’s just a case of completing the rest (colours and shading), but I have started that process.

This illustrated piece should be all done (with band and album text) within a few days. I personally love the design as I feel it’s a culmination of years of drawing and this is shows my drawings are getting better. I’m feeling more confidence in myself and that’s always a benefit. I’ll show you all the final outcome when I finish it.

Illustrator Journal #6: Murray Walker Commission

Continuing on from my last journal entry, just sketching out some designs so I’m sure of how I want to continue through with this. I’ve been given the green light on my design, but I just want to show you some of the work.

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Forgive the brightness, that’s a fault on my part and my scanner… Plus I don’t want to reveal TOO many details :P. Half clown, half machine, Murray Walker has become obsessed with technology as he’s becoming the machine he craves as a tool for psychological and horrifying deeds.