IW: A medley of drawings

As the title implies, that is what I have to show you today. I didn’t have any real direction/inspiration this week on what to illustrate, so I just sketched whatever came to me on impulse and the result includes two blocky and shaded characters, a caricature of my friend Mike and my own created character I call Sarah-Lee.

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They are of course small illustrations but they are based on the development of my new & improving drawing skills, from which i’m practicing a new shading technique for cartoon hair and a different shading technique for gestures and life drawing (hence the unidentifiable figures).

Hope you like ’em, despite the mediocrity (as i’m still learning), but please feel free to offer critique/comments below. Until next time!


Some random photos

Just me messing around really. As well as Pikachu hard at work in college.