My Stamp – Step 3

So far so good and quite some progress was made as I added extra details on existing objects and it definitely looks more awesome with each session.

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More detail on the eraser shows that it’s been used so it’s more comfortable to look at and the bulging veins in the arms represent the often strenuous hard work that it takes to create art… Yet it flows through my blood naturally. It’s pleasing to know that having a night’s rest and coming back to the artwork provides a fresh and creative mind, which provided me with new ideas and extra details to add to the piece. I am happy with the work so far and the next step should prove to be quite “fruitful” indeed. Enjoy! 🙂

Doodlesketchin’ #16

College has made me busy and with the spring sun shining bright this past weekend, I just had to take advantage and I created quite a bit of art for your viewing pleasure. The extra benefit is that this will contribute to my portfolio for the day when I apply at tattoo parlours and this is definitely the right first step. Oh do not worry, there’s plenty more pages to come.

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This is also in apology for my Doodlesketchins not being so frequent this past week and I am terribly sorry, but there have been some personal issues as well as a busy college week that have kept me tired and unable to do one until now. Basically this is a collage of different artworks that have an angelic theme to them, and vary in size, detail and concept. Variation and creativity are two well-needed traits but they aren’t taught to you, you have to learn them. Fortunately, anybody with an open mind and some imagination can develop their own creativity and spawn beautiful ideas all on their own. My particular favourite, is the Jesus Christ one, as it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to… Though coming from me that is suprising, as most of my ideas just spew out at the moment I am drawing (I don’t have a pre-destined plan). I was just looking at this page and wonder “hmmm… How should I fill this space?”

That is when all this artwork came to be and I’m really proud of what I have done and I hope you guys and gals are impressed too. I write this as an inspiration to all artists and aspiring artists, that you should always follow your own path of creativity as it’s not taught to you. Tutoring and lessons merely serve to cultivate the pre-existing creativity in the individual, so don’t be afraid to try something new and I can assure you will be amazed by the results. Enjoy!

Doodlesketchin’ #13

This is my first ever caricature drawing and I post it for your viewing pleasure.

It’s one of my closest friends who agreed to me defacing her, haha. One thing to keep in mind, is that I aimed for a large head and small body, especially with a big cheesy grin so it looks comical and fun. I also made her the centre of the world, with the small patch of land and the tiny bus. Thanks for viewing this piece and I hope you like it 🙂

Doodlesketchin’ #3

Something else from my art collection, but this is part of my first comission. On a lovely (but cold) sunday evening, here’s what I’ve got for you.

This isn’t the full image, just the main focus of the image. One of my caricature practices and I must say that I’m getting quite skilled with this style. In comparisson to the picture I drew from, I would say it’s an acurate caricature (haha). The main feature that I focused on was the wrinkles around the eyes, the eyes themselves and the man’s hairstyle. I didn’t colour this and I don’t usually colour my works (unless required), mostly because I am more comfortable in the greyscale. Regardless, it’s one of my best cartoon drawings and I hope you agree. See you in a few days.