IW: Hate is an ugly word…

… And hate creates ugly monsters. I created this illustration on cardboard using pencils and markers in my class, to depict Adolf Hitler removing his skin to reveal who he truly is underneath. Hate is an ugly word and it turns people into truly demon-like individuals and there is nothing darker than the darkest man in history. The colour blending with the marker was the trickiest part to do, but it was manageable.


Labelling Myself – Part 1

This is an art assignment for my Art Foundation course that was given to me to complete over the summer. I was to complete this in the summer and have it ready for when I go back to college in September.
So, I was given a brown luggage tag and told to use it in a creative way to portray myself and my personality. The final piece has to be creative and/or functional and we could do what we like to it. For me, I have decided to turn it into a book, using the tag as the backing binder and finding 2 pieces of cardboard to use as the backs. It’ll contain a plethora of illustrations about me and the things around me :).

This is obviously the first part, being the startup and crafting. Part 2 will include designs and the rest of the crafting, as well as the final piece.
So I took some photos to show you:

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