The Artist Journal: Current Works

Right now, I’m working on some more League Of Legends fanart and a treble clef tattoo design. Most of my college work is done and stored at college, so I can’t really document them here if I don’t have the sources, right? Anyway, the inspiration behind creating the LoL character Wukong, is that I wanted just a head shot depicting how menacing he looks in his “Volcanic” skinset. I normally don’t use colour to shade skin and faces because that’s just my style here, yet I like an odd dose of colours to emthasise the drawing. As for the tattoo design, a friend asked for a treble clef and forget-me-not flowers and right now, progress is up to the treble clef designs. Variation is key here, so there’s 14 different designs for the client’s interest. I inked them because they look nicer that way, rather than sticking with pencil.

I’m just trying and trying to perfect my drawing style and i’m getting better in my opinion. I just feel there’s more time that needs to be spent here.

Doodlesketchin’ #16

College has made me busy and with the spring sun shining bright this past weekend, I just had to take advantage and I created quite a bit of art for your viewing pleasure. The extra benefit is that this will contribute to my portfolio for the day when I apply at tattoo parlours and this is definitely the right first step. Oh do not worry, there’s plenty more pages to come.

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This is also in apology for my Doodlesketchins not being so frequent this past week and I am terribly sorry, but there have been some personal issues as well as a busy college week that have kept me tired and unable to do one until now. Basically this is a collage of different artworks that have an angelic theme to them, and vary in size, detail and concept. Variation and creativity are two well-needed traits but they aren’t taught to you, you have to learn them. Fortunately, anybody with an open mind and some imagination can develop their own creativity and spawn beautiful ideas all on their own. My particular favourite, is the Jesus Christ one, as it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to… Though coming from me that is suprising, as most of my ideas just spew out at the moment I am drawing (I don’t have a pre-destined plan). I was just looking at this page and wonder “hmmm… How should I fill this space?”

That is when all this artwork came to be and I’m really proud of what I have done and I hope you guys and gals are impressed too. I write this as an inspiration to all artists and aspiring artists, that you should always follow your own path of creativity as it’s not taught to you. Tutoring and lessons merely serve to cultivate the pre-existing creativity in the individual, so don’t be afraid to try something new and I can assure you will be amazed by the results. Enjoy!

Doodlesketchin’ #15

This current week has been busy for me, what with college work, extra curricular classes and mother’s day. Though, I do have some drawings in store for you to make up for my lack of content. As a result, I have multiple drawings for your viewing pleasure.

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This contains angel wings tattoo design, a robot concept drawing and a squirrel doodle dump, simple as that. They’re all unique and imaginative and all done with the same HB pencil. I’m becoming more comfortable with the way I draw things and this is a positive step to developing my style of artwork. Thankyou for reading and enjoy! 🙂

Doodlesketchin’ #11

This is for sunday’s issue and the carry on from thursday small in terms of quality, but it is important to me as it is one I’m currently working on and shows a new idea where I will need to work on different skills with the pencil. Without further ado, here it is:

A peacock (obviously) to which I have drawn the outline and I made references to peacocks on google images to make sure I got the shape of the beak right. I think the next step is to re-draw the eyes and sketch them properly, then add some more detail on the feathers. As I said earlier, it is a WIP (Work-In-Progress) and I should like to thing it will look pretty awesome when it’s done. I just have to focus on 3 key aspects: beautifully detailed feathers, elegant beak and shiny eyes. Once I have those done and dusted, I should love to think I can draw peacocks better. As a side note, it is a tattoo design for one of my friends and I hope she gets it done 🙂 . See you next time.