Haiku Monday and IW Catchup: Octopus

Apologies again readers for being late. I’ve been busy with college work since it’s heading into university application season and I’ve been getting tired a lot. I didn’t want to forget about this week’s post, so I’ve done some work today and moulded both into one post to make up for it.

This week my illustration is a practice of colour with a very familiar creature that I draw and the haikus are relative to this creature.

Entitled “Octopus”


Slip and slide away,
Expansive cold blue playground,
Tentacles shimmer.

Inside a crevice,
Rocky teeth without a bite,
Safety found instead.

Harbor no passage,
Solitary hunter prowls,
Wade through the sand bed.

Speed in the water,
Camouflage and ink to shield,
Such displays of guile.

What do you think?

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