The Fine Art of Keeping a Journal: Beyond writing

Worth of re-blogging

Journals-Beautiful-Hello-BlogSo many people keep journals.  I used to.  I filled it with streams of thought and ideas…  they are a beautiful way to sort out ideas and document special events.  Most people use a simple pen and the written word, and then there are these people.  My goodness.  These artist transform journalism into a beautiful expression of fine art and poetry.

I used to be better at journalling than I am now.   I remember visiting my great-grandmother when she was nearly 90 years old and looking at a scrapbook/journal she kept as a teen.  It was so beautiful!  There were old movie tickets, little stories about her day written in the margin, delicate pressed flowers, black and white photos, brochures for plays and events, lovely bits of lace…  it was like stepping back in time in the most realistic way I could.  I was able to see my grandmother’s life…

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