IW: Animal Kingdom Pt.2

A second batch of illustrations I made for the Animal “Kingdom,” to which we now have a bishop, a blacksmith and a guard. As I continue to work on these small drawings, the refinement process becomes more beneficial to me as my drawing quality improves in the end result. I shall leave you to guess which animal each one is šŸ™‚

What I’m aiming to do here, is create these animal characters/subjects of the kingdom and when I have all the ideas drawn out, I can create bigger pieces that are more illustrative, more detailed and more comical (as well as coloured). In time, each animal associated to these subject roles will develop a unique personality that will create diversity and an interesting little comic project I can work with.

As time passes and I come closer to completing the set of subjects, I’ll reveal more information on this project I want to undertake. So, this will consume quite a few IWs from my schedule guys xD. Any feedback/suggestions is always apreciated, thankyou.

What do you think?

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