The Artist Journal: Current Works

Right now, I’m working on some more League Of Legends fanart and a treble clef tattoo design. Most of my college work is done and stored at college, so I can’t really document them here if I don’t have the sources, right? Anyway, the inspiration behind creating the LoL character Wukong, is that I wanted just a head shot depicting how menacing he looks in his “Volcanic” skinset. I normally don’t use colour to shade skin and faces because that’s just my style here, yet I like an odd dose of colours to emthasise the drawing. As for the tattoo design, a friend asked for a treble clef and forget-me-not flowers and right now, progress is up to the treble clef designs. Variation is key here, so there’s 14 different designs for the client’s interest. I inked them because they look nicer that way, rather than sticking with pencil.

I’m just trying and trying to perfect my drawing style and i’m getting better in my opinion. I just feel there’s more time that needs to be spent here.

What do you think?

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