Review: Twisted Treeline (League Of Legends)


Twisted Treeline has undergone an overhaul and with it, updated gameplay on the classic 3v3 map. It is a refreshing and exciting new change that increases the pace of gameplay and focuses more on frequent ganks a choice-making: fight, capture a shrine or destroy. Ultimately, this revamp is a shot at the top spot for the League Of Legends game modes.

So let’s go through the major changes:

The jungle camps and brush areas have been designed to be closer for more teamfight action and ganking opportunities, with the addition of a movement speed shrine in the center to get to the action quicker. The original buffed camps have all been removed in replacement of two shrines, to which both teams can capture and earn buffs. One shrine located on the west and the other adjacent in the east, each one is located nearby their respective team’s spawning pools. Capturing both shrines for your team equates to a damage buff. Now step back, there’s a new vile boss monster in town (or treeline) and his name is Vilemaw. What else do I need to say… Besides the fact he’s a GIANT SPIDER! Killing him gains you a buff that should help your team push for the win. Alongside that, wards have been removed and a new set of items have been released to add more diversity than your standard bruiser TT team.

This will all results in faster-paced gameplay and considerably less “turtle” action with wider chokepoints into the enemy’s base and the added fact of the buff and shrine control which provides some tactics and choice: choose to push a lane, gank a champion or capture the shrines. What you should expect to see, is new champions shining in this upgraded Twisted Treeline and a more diverse team composition for the traditional 3v3 mode. The visuals are stunning and the music ties in excellently with the theme of Halloween and all things scary… Just in time for halloween too.

Twisted Treeline 2.0 is currently in the beta stage on League of Legends, so have a go and tell Riot Games what you think. Of course because it’s a beta version, there are some kinks with audio lapses and compatibility, but nothing to fear at all so just be patient.

You can signup and download League of Legends here:

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