The Artistic Journal: Yet another medley

It really is a medley: college work, requested artwork and some personal artwork. All of it is being hand drawn by me of course and I’m slowly getting feelings of improvement in my drawing technique that obviously comes with practice. I had been stuck last week on what kind of art I should work on and then when this week started, I had some fresh ideas to work with. A new section in my college course means I have content to draw from. The menacing face WIP is another League of Legends character called “Volcanic Wukong,” making as a request for a friend, which is a hobbyist art creation for myself. The most personal one to me in this series of pictures, is the tattoo design of the RIP Urn that I made for my dad in relation to my grandmother. Ultimately when I have a really strong idea to work with, I am deeply inspired to commit effort to working on it and the tattoo design was one such idea because it’s deeply personal to my family. There’s no fear to keep personal feelings from you guys anyway… I was sad when she passed away, but I had anchors that kept me strong and I live on with the memories I have of her and all my family and friends. They’re the inspiration behind me doing what I do: so I can be the best I can and share my experiences and my personality with the world.

What do you think?

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