The Artistic Journal: A Small Project

So just a couple of things for this week, the first one is that I had a little spare time to draw some fanart for a request.
Here’s Kog’Maw, from League of Legends:

I can safely say my drawing skills are improving, as I’m getting used to adding ink and colour. Part of my style is working pencils in layers, then enhancing the overall drawing/illustration with fineliner ink (as shown above). He’s a cute lil’ critter, if slightly evil and wanting to consume every living thing… But still!

Okay and onto my next little piece of news. I’m working on a project with my friend Adam by helping him write lore for his book which is called “The 11 Sages”, as well as work on illustrations and concept art. First order of business is to draw the map for the fantasy world map where his books are situated and I have some pictures here for you. Here gave me lore information and a crude design of what he wants the map to look like and so I’ve been getting to work.

Wish me luck, as I have a really great feeling about this project, since i’m having a tonne of fun working with Adam to help create his book. That’s all for this week, I shall see you next week 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Artistic Journal: A Small Project

  1. Hi nice drawing have you done the other special project? I was thinking something along the lines of a certain lady stood against a unicorn with a waterfall backdrop

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